Working Parents?

We understand that work-family balance is a struggle. Get the perfect guidance you need to get peace and turn successful in both games.


Parenting Without Frustration

What You Get?

  • Courses

    Our Micro Classes, live sessions, and case study discussions are self-paced &100% online. Step by step tailor-made expert guides to suit busy parents.

  • Workshops

    Goal based 2 to 3 month programs to address in-depth parenting challenges. Tailor made group session will provide step by step solution and timeline to address problems.

  • Mentoring

    Personalized one to one mentoring with parenting expert can save you from unending google searches. A safe and private space for you to open up and get guided.

Parents of infants to preschoolers?

Handle just-borns to preschoolers with confidence. Have the perfect bonding with them and sow the seeds of independence. Taking them from breast feed to self-feed, self-sleep and much more.

See What Parents Say

“...I recommend this course not just for the present parents.. even the ones who are expecting to be a parent. Before becoming a parent if you take this course, it will add a lot to your personality and will help you immensely in the future...”

Ajmal C, Design Engineer, Intel, Bangalore

“Parenting is very holistic journey, it involves not only the parents, but grandparents, in-laws. So there are different case studies and different modules that deals with these issues”

Swapna Narayan, Social Worker, Pune

“After completing four weeks, we are gaining confidence in parenting.”

Dr. Hajara Azeez, Cardiac Associates Health Centre, Maryland

“"After completing four weeks, we are gaining confidence in parenting."”

Dr. Hajara Azeez, Cardiac Associates health center, Maryland, USA

““A wonderfully practical course! Before joining the course, like every parent we too had many concerns and fears regarding our kid’s upbringing. Now we feel at ease.We both are confident to handle our kid’s anger , frustrations and many other challenging behaviour in a positive way."”

Dr.Safla Salim & Dr.Wasil PM Calicut

““Each minute we spend is worth, as each line is a point to remember.””

Geoffrin John Technical Lead, Scottsdale Global Innovations, Trivandrum

Parents of grade schoolers?

Age 6 to 9 is the time of vast emotional developments. Practice our no compulsion discipline routines and build habits in children. Crink-family routines will help you build a successful family.

Parents of tweens & teens?

Gain confidence to handle your tween-teen boys and girls with expert guidance on their physical, emotional, and sexual development.

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