A 3 month programme designed for parents inorder to master the art of parenting

By the end of the course you will :

  • Handle parenting challenges with ease

  • Find right and sustainable methods apt for your family

  • Achieve right balance between a friend and a guide

  • Kick-start disciplining without compulsion

  • Set a stress-free parent-child relationship

  • Become a pro at handling tantrums

  • Lessons

    To the point pre-recorded video lessons. Based on practical ways and real-life case studies.

  • Group Sessions

    Monthly live group session to identify areas of improvement and discuss action items.

  • Community

    Access to a vibrant parenting community and extensive resource materials.

Here's what Crink parents says:

5 star rating

Absolutely the best eyecatching advises from real life exoerience

Ruth Mathew

5 star rating

Foundation of your parenting journey

Suzna Riaz

With real time examples that they discuss it becomes easier to understand where we go wrong and then the consequences and then the possible solutions which have strong base of connecting to your child through many possible ways .Dr hisana notes ar...

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With real time examples that they discuss it becomes easier to understand where we go wrong and then the consequences and then the possible solutions which have strong base of connecting to your child through many possible ways .Dr hisana notes are an add on to this wonderful build the bond content ....I'm sure this can build a healthy lifetime bond with my child .

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5 star rating

The way of presentation is really great 😊

Fasna chatheri

5 star rating

I've never attended such a brilliant class before! It has so much power to change ourselves.

Fathima Sudheer

5 star rating

Extremely informative and important to know

adhina 1214

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice

- Peggy O' Mara

    1. How to use this course

    2. Monthly Group Live Sessions

    3. Members Only Group Access

    4. Congratulations!

    5. Why are we here?

    6. The three Wellness

    7. Love And Common Sense

    8. Common Parenting Mistake 1

    9. Common Parenting Mistake 2

    10. Common Parenting Mistake 3

    11. Common Parenting Mistake 4

    12. Common Parenting Mistake 5

    13. Common Parenting Mistake 6

    14. Evaluate yourself!

    15. Group

    16. Analyse the relationship

    17. Truth can be different

    18. The Two Extremes

    19. Choosing Words Wisely

    20. Why 'Build The Bond'?

    21. What is R?

    22. The Normal Disrespectful Language

    23. The Hidden Dangers!

    24. The Escape: Skills 1 to 3

    25. The Last Weapon

    26. What is A?

    27. The Four Possible Reactions

    28. Everyday Rejections

    29. Better Reactions

    30. Shouldn't I correct?

    31. More into our emotions

    32. The Three Step Process

    33. What is B?

    34. Reluctant to Step Out of Bed?

    35. What is I?

    36. Don'ts During I

    37. A and I in Practice

    38. What is T?

    39. Hormones in action

    40. Touch- A note from Dr Hisana Jahan

    41. What is S?

    42. Setting the ground

    43. The Escape: Skills 4 and 5

    1. The Crux!

    2. Mistake 1

    3. Mistake 2

    4. Mistake 3

    5. Wanna Join Us?

    6. Setting Our Goals

    7. The 4 Goals Ahead

    8. Skill 1

    9. Skill 2

    10. Skill 3

    11. Skill 4

    12. Skill 5

    13. Skill 6

    14. Skill 7

    15. Skill 8

    16. Skill 9

    17. Checklist for Don'ts and 'No's

    18. Skill 10

    19. Skill 11

    20. Skill 12

    21. Skill 13

    22. Skill 14

    23. Skill 15

    24. Skill 16

    25. Skill 17

    26. The ultimate two step process!

    27. Case study 1

    28. Case study 2

    29. Millions of opportunities Ahead!

    1. Live Dated 20-03-2023

    2. The Golden Egg

    3. Skill 1

    4. Skill 2

    5. Skill 3

    6. Skill 4

    7. Skill 5

    8. Skill 6

    9. 6 Skills Applied!

    10. Immediate Reaction Needed

    11. Not Obeying?

    12. Certain Add-ons

    1. Position Your Mind

    2. The Blues

    3. An Unusual Teaching Day

    4. Why Is It Difficult To Be Patient

    5. The List Of Excuses

    6. This cant be afforded!

    7. The Never Ending Cycle

    8. You Have Control

    9. Rate Your Patience

    10. The Two Goals

    11. The P- Cup

    12. How to fill your P - Cup

    13. Kids' P- Cup Continued.....

    14. Draining and Filling

    15. Me For Myself

    16. Kickstart This Cycle For Success

    17. Your Body

    18. At The Moment Of Frustration

    19. Unlock Step 1

    20. Know How

    21. Unlock Step 2

    22. Value System

    23. Take Control!!!

    1. Punishments: Yes/No

    2. Four Alternatives to Punishment

    3. The Fifth Alternative

    4. The Last Two Alternatives

    5. Skills Applied

    6. Persistent Problems

    7. Before You Problem-Solve

    8. What if...?

    9. Conclusion

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Mariyam Vidhu Vijayan

CEO & Co-founder

Mariyam is an engineer turned homeschooling mom of 4 lovely ones. Her career spanned from Educator to Headmistress and also contributed in the curriculum formation of Educational institutions as an academic consultant. Her passion led her to pursue Diploma in Child Psychology. As a Parenting Mentor, Mariyam is focused on upskilling parents in their rollercoaster trip to overcome parenting stress and enjoy the enchanting role of parenthood. She is the co-founder & CEO of Crink Private Limited which is on a vision to help parents create a better tomorrow by leading the nextgen.

I used to scream!

Experience shared by a parent

Previously, I would cosntantly have to scream and repeat the same instructions to get my children to do anything. I can't even begin to count the tantrums or imagine that kind of frustration now. Since the program, I have become so much better with understanding and communicating with my children. Everything, right from sending them to school to their bed time have become something I have now started to enjoy!