Besties On A Mission To Transform Families

Sruthi & Mariyam [Co-Founders, Crink Pvt Ltd. ]

Success is something that we humans aim at in all walks of life. Needless to mention that It's the sweetest when we achieve it in our family - right where the little humans are budding. This is a humble contribution to parents out there to turn successful in the everlasting parenting role, thereby creating a value-based, emotionally, physically, and intellectually sound 'future adults'.

The Crink Way!

First time in the history of humankind, childbearing has become the whole responsibility of parents in addition to a full-time job. And millennial moms and dads are the least skilled to face 21st-century parenting challenges. Parenting frustrations are deepening into the personal and professional life. Crink offers a transformation to 'Parenting Without Frustration'. Parents call it: 'The crink way'!