If there is any liquid gold that a mother can give to her child, it is every drop of breast milk..

And for any mom, there isn't any purer version of love, than feeding her baby. 


The benefits of breastmilk have been known since time immemorial and even now, each day, science adds up to the list without any demerits to add on.

The numerous advantages of exclusive breastfeeding are often underrated even during this age when media is in the limelight.

It's the most convenient, economical, and most personalized nutrient-loaded food for every newborn.

Be it for a baby born via vaginal delivery or c-section, breastfeeding in the first few hours should be given prime importance than anything if the baby is stable-  as it contains colostrum or the first milk that is rich in antibodies and proteins for immunity to your child for a period of 6 months or more. Yes, it's the first vaccine which you can give your child, free of cost!

Mothers' milk is the perfect mix of the exact amounts of nutrients for the baby and the constituents of breast milk change as your baby grows.

Many mothers often worry during the initial periods due to less milk supply they face. In fact, this is due to the lack of knowledge that the milk formed in the first few days, in drops, is richer in calories than the milk formed later and thus suffice the need of the growing baby.

To add on, a baby cries for several reasons, like a wet nappy or an improper burp after feeds, and is not often due to hunger.

If your baby is active, changing about 6 nappies per day and passing stools it shows your supply is enough for the development.

The more you make your baby suck and empty the breasts, the more milk will be produced.


Adding to the benefits of breast milk- 

It contains several immune factors, reducing the chance of ear infections, pneumonia in childhood, and even obesity and diabetes in old age.

It is even known to keep your baby safe from developing asthma and allergies in the future.

And mammas too have benefits to be happy for-

A better weightloss- The weight that you have gained can be reduced with ample feeding

It also reduces the postpartum bleeding and even helps in uterus involution to the normal size.

It also acts as a natural way of contraception for a short period in most women. 

In the long run, it will even prevent most of the ovarian and breast cancers in mothers

I have heard many parents complaining that they had to stop breastfeeding their children as they had to get back to their works. In such cases, they depend on the formula for the baby. 

But being a working mom right from the 45th day of my motherhood and a soul breastfeeding supporter, I expressed my breast milk using a breast pump and stored that in a refrigerator or in room temperature so that my baby doesn’t lose even a drop of the most important food of his life . This knowledge about how you can express your milk and store it in room condition or the refrigerator is less known to our mothers and needs to be emphasized especially to our working population.

The journey is indeed difficult especially for the first moms but with proper support and counseling by a trained lactational counselor, you will be able to have the most beautiful relationship and bonding with your child during each session.

But every parent should know that there are mothers who find it difficult and unable to latch even with proper medical support and care or due to less supply, they struggle each day with breastfeeding. Understanding, accepting, and moving on is important in such cases because even without breastmilk bonding with your child and caring for your child along with formula feeding can be done.  People around, especially the spouse should be supportive and understanding. The mental well-being of a mother is of prime importance in all situations. 

Remember to opt and start formula feed ONLY after the advice of a consultant pediatrician.