How To Develop Habits

I watched the nurturing habits masterclass offered by 'crink' with interest yet was a little skeptical. The cue-routine-reward system made sense in theory but wasn’t sure how practical it would be with children. :sweat_smile:

We started off with a simple morning routine, that is a must-do every day yet many days it takes a very long to get done. Results in me nagging and a strained atmosphere. We pasted up a habit tracker and got started. It worked with excitement at first because they looked forward to the reward. A coin.

A week or two later I doubted the process, they still needed reminders and coercing and I wondered how long I would have to be providing daily rewards. Perhaps I had misunderstood, the rewards should have been more like words of appreciation and not something physical. Well, it was too late to change. So we continued.

21 days later we added another task, arranging the bed.

This was done at times even before but wanted it to be part of a morning routine. It’s been around 15 days since we added the second one and things seem to be clicking. They still do need a reminder (seems it’s part of the cue in our case), but mostly they do the tasks easily and quickly. And they don’t even remember the reward anymore. They still do rummage around a little like the rat mentioned in the habits module :sweat_smile: But that needs to be expected. These are little humans. 

I haven’t arranged their bed in a while, and they seem to fix a messy bed even in the evening now. Our night's similar routine even with no reward has gotten smoother too with God’s Grace.

Happy to share that the habits module when implemented is actually very effective. Thank you very much, team